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Monday, April 25, 2005

Completed projects ...

Saw the birthday girls this past weekend and since all four had their birthdays this past month, I gave them all their gifts at one time. My grand daughters in the front got a crocheted cupcake purse for the youngest and the knitted handbag for the oldest. The other two got sewn shoulder bags since they both just turned 9. Of course, there's money inside for the shopping they'll now what to do.

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I then got the mate to my knit knee high socks done. Even took a picture to show that they FIT ... and they're oh SO comfortable!

Free Image Hosting - MyOnlineImages

Now to start on my next pair of socks. Gee, I love knitting those while commuting by train everyday. When I saw the girls (including 1 of my grandsons) I traced a hand and a foot of each one. Had them sign & date the pages and now I have a guide to go by when I knit either socks, slippers, mittens or even gloves. Well, I think I'll make slippers & mittens to start off with. At least I know they all appreciate the things I've been making them. The girls were all happy to tell me, "We still have the hats you made us, Grammy!"

Sure puts a smile in my heart! And my fingers are itching to knit ...


  • At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice cupcake purse. Could you share where you found the pattern? Thanks.


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