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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Invitation to a Friday Frolic

I have 3 1/2 blanket borders complete!! Unfortunately, I will have to miss lunchtime knitting today due to a conference call. I will post a photo as soon as it is complete. In the meantime, here is a reposting of the "Friday Frolic" event, along with a partial listing of places that our blanket should visit. Email me to add more, or leave your ideas in the comments.

In order to celebrate the completion of our relay event, The Mafia and I have hatched a crazy idea. Yeah, us, go figure.

We formally invite you to the
Official Knitting Olympics' Friday Frolic
Subtitle: Whack Knitters Run Around Campus with a Hand Knit Blanket
ETA: By "run", we do NOT refer to running as in exercising or moving quickly. Rather, we mean ... ummm ... "galivant" or "traipse" or something equally clever and descriptive. Yeah, that's it :)

Date: Friday, February 24
Time: Noon until ???
Place: Meet at the Women's Lounge. Exact itinerary to follow.
Purpose: As stated above, we will run galivant around campus with a hand-knit blanket, taking pictures of it doing, ummm .... things. Lots of things. And that's where we need your help!! What should the blanket do on its tour of campus?

Send me an email with your ideas, and I will do my best to create a circuit of campus. If you can't join us for all of lunch hour, come for what you can. Wear something hand knit, if possible. I'll bring my cell phone (I'll send the number with the final itinerary) and you can connect with us along the way. Even if you can't join us, suggest some photo ops.

Here's an idea to get you started:
A victory lap for the gold medalists: Photo taken at the track, with the blanket used as a flag -- like in this photo -- (umm, except without the buff abs... unless one of you has been hiding away an unbelievable six-pack stomach that you've never mentioned.)

Victory lap on the track
Go to Killian Court, with a photo angled to appear as if it's laying over the dome
Hike to Stata, with photo accentuating a weird angle in the architecture
Get a hug from Armando, one of Susan Hockfield's assistants (or by SH herself???? shall we dare to dream?)
Go through the Kendall T turnstile (ala Christine's class project)
Pose in front of the Coop
'Climb' the steps to Bldg 7 from Mass Ave.
Order food at the trucks
Gaze onto the Charles, perhaps looking toward the salt and pepper bridge
Go visit Christine at the Media Lab (and meet some wacky hip cool grad students/robots)
Fall asleep in the student center after an exhausting trip around campus.
Pose with the biohazard signs in the bio building
Make friends with a robot in the Stata Center
Spend some quality time with the books in the library


  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Rhonda said…

    Yes to the list. You need something in the picture that screams Team M.I.T. of course. Killian Court is a must! Hey, I'll try to be there too. :)

  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger christine said…

    i love the foodtruck idea. see if the 'god bless america' sign is still up on pizza one, or get it next to the fated goosebeary's truck.

    i probably cannot make it out, but you should definitely get it somewhere around the media lab. maybe the weird neon light sculpture in the basement? or in front of the list visual arts center?

    hmm, other places include... on top of the green building! at wmbr! in the architecture library! somewhere along the infinite corridor for sure.

    and anna's taqueria! the blanket will smell evermore like fried chips and meat juices...

    [mmm, enchilada'd wool...]


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