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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MIT Relay Team Hand-off Schedule

Before you read this, check out Christine's post, which I've just bumped after only a couple hours. Sorry about that, Christine!

It's confirmed! Here's the final relay roster / hand-off schedule for the Knitting Olympics.

Tues 2/14, Paula, 2 squares
Wed 2/15, Jessica, 2 squares
Thu 2/16, Crystal, 2 squares
Fri 2/17, Katie, 1 square
Sat 2/18 , Susan, 2 squares
Mon 2/20, Claudia , 2 squares
Tues 2/21, Gurukarm, 1 square
Wed 2/22, Danielle, Borders (anchor)

(the date listed next to your name is when you receive the blanket and add your squares)


- You can make and block your squares any time between the lighting of the torch on 2/10 (this Friday), and your seaming date. The opening ceremonies start at 2pm EST, but I'm not sure at what point in the ceremonies the torch will be lit.

- Squares should be 8" x 8". Those dimensions include a garter stitch border that's 3st wide on either side, and 3 purl rows high on the top and bottom.

- Be sure to use animal hair (or mostly-animal hair) yarns, knit to approximately worsted weight. You may also want to read the guidelines on Afghans for Afghans' web site, just to be safe.

- Do your best to balance the squares by color, weight, etc., but don't stress about it too much.

- The blanket will be three squares (horizontally) by four squares (vertically). For example:
Be sure not to break that configuration when you sew on your squares. Also, if your stitch pattern has a specific direction, be sure to orient it appropriately.

- Be sure to weave in (or otherwise neatly secure) your ends.

- If you have any yarn left over, be sure to leave a long scrap of each (2-5 ft. ideally) in the baggie, in case others want to seam with your colors.

- You are responsible for scheduling the hand-off with the knitters you receive the blanket from and pass it to.

Go Team MIT!

Fearless Leader


  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Rhonda said…

    I can feel the excitement building! Go team MIT, rah rah rah ... knit knit knit!


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