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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stacy's FO's and WIP's

Katie's recent post inspired me to list my own FO's and WIP's.

In the 3.5 years I've been seriously knitting, the following is a list of what I've managed to actually finish:

  • the initating garter stitch scarf and roll brim hat in Manos del Uruguay (for myself)

  • raglan sleeve cardigan in Manos with home-made Femo clay buttons (for myself)

  • ribbed scarf and scrap yarn hat in I don't remember what yarn, but it was a nice soft wool (for then bf, now husband)

  • a couple pairs of mittens (for myself and mother-in-law)

  • Baba's bed socks (for bf, now husband)

  • travelling leaf lace pattern scarf and hat (for myself)

  • "My First Cableknit Sweater" (for myself)

  • cute Rowan short raglan sleeve summer shirt (for myself, but guage was off so it was way too tight - gave to skinny friend)

  • basket weave silk and mohair afgan (wedding present for friend)

  • 2 Bouncing Baby Sets (one for Katie's daughter and one for high school friend's baby)

  • toddler bonnet (for coworker's daughter)

  • crocheted baby blanket (for college friend's baby)

  • another baby blanket (for my nephew due to be born this June)

  • 4+ Umbilical Chord hats and one set of Bev's booties (for other various babies)

  • extra long scarf and ear flap hat (for myself)

It feels like I am forgetting something... That may seem like a lot, but it's not for 3.5 years. See, I go through phases where I'll knit like a mad woman for weeks at a time, and then I'll get bored with it and won't pick anything up for another month or so.

Here's my (much shorter) list of WIP's:

  • husband sweater (started in August 2004, may finish by Xmas 2005?)

  • IAP socks (Cynthia's toe up lesson)

  • Kid Silk Haze lace scarf for Mom's birthday, which was April 17 (almost finished!)

Wow, I guess that's not too bad for UFO's. I must get to work!


  • At 10:22 AM, Blogger Rhonda said…

    Making a list is something I've never thought of doing... but my memory isn't as good as it use to be.

  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger christine said…

    i think i would add one more category, such as PISWEBSBIF (projects i started with enthusiasm but stopped before i finished). i think my ratio of FO:WIP:PISWEBSBIF would be 1:1:9. :)


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