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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Christmas stock pile ...

Remember the baby dolls?
Before I leave on vacation (to the Netherlands) I want to make an update on what I've been making the granddaughters for Christmas this year.

Here's the new addition to the Flower Fairy Babies ...

Sunflower Sam sitting with Betty Blue Bell...
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The next two dolls in their Sunday best are for my youngest 2 granddaughters, ages 5 & 4.

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I'm making a wardrobe for each of them, so the next two babies are modelling the summer outfits. (These two babies will get flower outfits later and go to two other granddaughter in time for Christms.)

Free Image Hosting - MyOnlineImages

I'm making all of these in between my knit socks and I'm also making knitted Christmas gifts for the sister & daughter in-laws, daughter & step-daughters. I'll post a picture of a few of those before the week is out ... so what they are will remain a mistery until then. As you know, I crochet faster than I knit.
But if it's "stitching", I love doing it!


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