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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

charity blankets

After I showed several of you my new afghan blocks book and discussed my baby blanket project ideas, I know a few of you got excited about making afghan blocks as a way of learning new skills and using up stash. Well, I just wanted to let you know of 2 charity blanket projects that are seeking squares, one national and one local.

The national one is coordinated by a blogger in South Carolina named Annie who writes the blog Knitty Gritty. Her project is the Afghan Project in Memory of John Glick. Some of you might know the blog At My Knit's End, written by a Massachusetts knitter with left-leaning political tendancies! Kerstin, the author, is a knitblogger who has really encouraged other bloggers to get their voice on the internet and who has supported newbie knitters and knitbloggers. I think she also organizes the Knit New England webring. She recently lost her brother in a tragic car accident, so Annie is hosting a knit-along to create a blanket to send to his family as well as ones for charities in his honor. Annie will collect squares through October 15th. This blanket will be made of squares of WOOL and WOOL-BLEND yarns.

The other project is the more local Boston Knit Out project. Their blankets will also be donated to charities. Squares will be collected at several LYS's and assembled at the Knit Out in October. They are accepting knit or crocheted squares in WASHABLE WOOL or ACRYLIC.

Just thought I would share this info. If any of you are in need of scrap yarn for either one of these projects, I have some I would be more than happy to share. I heard tell of a group member (ahem, Jessica) who only has a "mini-stash". I guess that makes mine a mega-stash, as it is currently spread out in 6 different storage containers. But, again, that is a story for another post.


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