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Monday, October 03, 2005

more pix from the knitout

i was happy to see everyone at yesterday afternoon's lovely event!

check out those quick knitters to the left. during the contest, i believe the dj played will smith's 'get jiggy wit' it'. i kid you not. let's see, i think there were two winners, tied, with 8 rows done in stockinette stich on worsted lion brand yarn in 4 minutes. the prizes weren't too shabby either... a denise interchangeables set + a halcyon yarn felted bag kit for the fastest needles, and 2 filatura pattern books, a cd (special music for stitching?), and 3 skeins of soft pink gedifra yarn for the fastest hook. when i saw how sweet the prizes were, i had a difficult time handing them over to the winners. ;)

so above are more photos, and of the scarves entered into the scarf style contest. we got around 26 scarves total, with perhaps 75% of them entries to the contest, the rest as donations. the winning design was decidedly youngish, with colors and fun fur galore, but the interesting twist was that ribbons woven through the crocheted scarf allowed the scarf to be gathered and tied as a neckpiece, or a belt, or a headscarf. reminded me of drawstrings, which might be a cool way to design something sexily ruched, as illustrated on the right. i love the dark silk french ribbon which you can get for like $100 a spool. dreamy.

oh yeah, i also got to pet the classic elite yarns embrace, which is 100% italian cashmere in variegated colorways. a 625 yd hank, which is enough for a sizeable shawl, goes for $280. hey, if anyone has some, i'll be happy to relieve you of some of your stash. :) heh.


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