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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Stacy's FO's and WIP's

Katie's recent post inspired me to list my own FO's and WIP's.

In the 3.5 years I've been seriously knitting, the following is a list of what I've managed to actually finish:

  • the initating garter stitch scarf and roll brim hat in Manos del Uruguay (for myself)

  • raglan sleeve cardigan in Manos with home-made Femo clay buttons (for myself)

  • ribbed scarf and scrap yarn hat in I don't remember what yarn, but it was a nice soft wool (for then bf, now husband)

  • a couple pairs of mittens (for myself and mother-in-law)

  • Baba's bed socks (for bf, now husband)

  • travelling leaf lace pattern scarf and hat (for myself)

  • "My First Cableknit Sweater" (for myself)

  • cute Rowan short raglan sleeve summer shirt (for myself, but guage was off so it was way too tight - gave to skinny friend)

  • basket weave silk and mohair afgan (wedding present for friend)

  • 2 Bouncing Baby Sets (one for Katie's daughter and one for high school friend's baby)

  • toddler bonnet (for coworker's daughter)

  • crocheted baby blanket (for college friend's baby)

  • another baby blanket (for my nephew due to be born this June)

  • 4+ Umbilical Chord hats and one set of Bev's booties (for other various babies)

  • extra long scarf and ear flap hat (for myself)

It feels like I am forgetting something... That may seem like a lot, but it's not for 3.5 years. See, I go through phases where I'll knit like a mad woman for weeks at a time, and then I'll get bored with it and won't pick anything up for another month or so.

Here's my (much shorter) list of WIP's:

  • husband sweater (started in August 2004, may finish by Xmas 2005?)

  • IAP socks (Cynthia's toe up lesson)

  • Kid Silk Haze lace scarf for Mom's birthday, which was April 17 (almost finished!)

Wow, I guess that's not too bad for UFO's. I must get to work!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My 3rd pair of socks ...

One pair a month ... that's my goal!

I bet this is getting old, huh? But I just love making socks, so I've completed my 3rd pair and had to show you. This time I purchased the yarn from Knit Picks.

This is a link to Knit Picks

and here's a picture of great fitting socks ...

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Harlot

So, Crystal and I went to the Yarn Harlot book signing yesterday evening. We braved our way through 90 minutes of traffic to get to Acton -- Stacy, we now know why you take the commuter rail!!! Stacy and Katie were going to join us, but Stacy had to do some packing for her vaction (lucky lady!) and Katie's daughter was home with a possibly broken arm. Yes, the same little one who ate the plastic frog a few months ago... poor kid!

But, the two of us had fun and will post more on our blogs. I'll have to wait for Crystal to email me the photos she took, as I am camera-less until next week.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finishing up on other projects...

Even tho I've been in a knitting mode, I decided this past weekend was time to finish up on a project I had started but never 'quit' finished. Such as this needlepoint pillow. I did the stitching two years ago and you would think that would be the hardest part to complete. Well, when it comes down to making the actual 'pillow' by sewing it all together; now that takes a little more motivation to complete the project. Don't know why! The needlepoint itself, took me 2 months to do and was 'back breaking' but I enjoyed the work. The whole thing, including the flowers, was stitched by me. I was sure glad to get it done and now I can enjoy it in my living room.
Well here it is ....

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Monday, May 02, 2005

My very own blog ... camera coming soon!

Well, I decided that since all the cool kids have their own knitting blogs, it was about time I had one too ... so, Aswim in Knits was born. Thanks go to FemiKnit Mafia for her help with a catchy title. As many of you may know, my other passion is swimming -- I coach a synchronized swimming team, and also swim on a masters' swim team. Hence, the play on words in the title, since I expect that the blog will also feature stories of the kids I coach, scenic poolside photos, etc ...

And, since every good knitblogger needs a digital camera to document her WIP (or in my case, piles and piles of WIPs), I started to read up on the pros and cons of digital cameras over at CNet. I'm looking for something relatively inexpensive, with point and shoot ease and fairly good quality. Shopping on line is nice, but descriptions like "4.0x2.6x1.5 in., 6.7oz" don't really answer the question "will it fit into that space in my bag between my wallet and my cell phone?" So, I think a trip to Staples or Cameras, Inc is in order.