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Monday, August 29, 2005

Birthday gifts for another granddaughter ...

I finished the backpack pocketbook using Lion Brand's Jiffy yarn pattern for my Granddaughter, Brandi's birthday. She'll be age 15 on September 19, so I thought a knitted backpack might be the "in thing" for her to be carrying. By the way, the link takes you to both a crocheted and a knitted pattern. I did the knitted one as you see. I'm also including a beaded change purse [purchased in Florida] with a crisp $10 . Money's always a hit!

I had given each of the other 5 girls a crystal also. The oldest got one inside a necklace, so for Brandi I'm including a clear quartz with it's own little bag ... to wear as a charm around her neck if she liked. I made the bag! It's done in Tapestry Crochet ... my 1st project of this type. Came out pretty nice, I thought, so I've started another tapestry crocket pocketbook for myself.

Happy stitching everyone!


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