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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas knitting ...

Well now that I've given out my Christmas gifts to my co-workers, I can put a picture up of what I made for them. Everyone got a Knit Santa Hat Pin. The first one I did (the proto-type) came out way too large I thought, so I turned it into a barette/pin. I can wear it in my hair during the day, but then pin it to my coat when I leave to go home ... pretty clever, if I must say so myself, hehe. Don't want to "waste" any of my knitting-time right? I loved making these ... and loved giving them out just as much!
Now I can concentrate on completing my sweater. Here's a series of pictures I took as I got to each stage in the sweater knitting process from The Sweater Workshop. Sure hope I like it when it's all done. I hope to wear it to the IAP Knit & Crochet series.

As Santa goes off into Christmas Eve night, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happily knit in whatever spare time you can find.


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